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digital experience studio taken to a level over 9000
Who We Are

Digital experience studio taken to a level over 9000

We are a small digital experience studio based in Amsterdam with a passion for helping our clients create engagement and behavior change. We’re experts at working with the ‘subatomic’ particles of design to help you activate and connect with your audience. And unlike CERN our work has an absolute 0% chance of destroying the universe.*

*Though we’re not entirely convinced that our office supply closet doesn’t have a black hole in it. We’re a few office supplies down.

Our specialty is engagement

Resistance is futile

OK, so quoting the Borg may come off a little strong here, but we truly believe in a well designed experience engagement comes naturally.

Our philosophy? It all starts with a solid foundation. Make sure the goal for your audience is achieved before adding extras. Read more about our “bridge check” methodology.

Furthermore, we believe engagement is best achieved when users are given the space to play and explore. It’s still important, though, that they feel the comfort of structure and guidance. Great experiences let the user experiment and learn, but not get overwhelmed or lost.

It’s been our mission since we started to help our clients create such experiences.

Our Clients

We're proud of our lab partners

We’ve helped clients from around the world engage their audiences and create behavior change. Read more about how we can help you, and how we’ve helped others.

Interested in joining us in the lab? We’d love to grab a coffee, hear what you’re up to, and see how we can help. Let’s set it up!

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  • Aegon
  • Suit Suipply
  • Elsevier
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not!
  • Openbaar Ministerie
  • Lootcakes
  • Kennisnet
  • BeatThatBill
  • irdeto
  • Amsterdam American Business Club
  • ANWB
  • TEDxDelft
  • RedjePakketje
  • My Style Matcher
  • Ajax
  • Youdly
  • Whatser
  • Smart Upswing
  • Sanoma Media
  • Seatz Network

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